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I have draytek 5510 router at main office and draytek 2910 at the remote site

I need step by step for each router how to configure a tunnel.  I done have much experience in this area so I need step by step for each side "do this on the server side and do this on the client side.

Thanks in advance for your help
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Have a look at the link below [to configure PPTP tunnel]:

For IPSec tunnel, please have a look at link below:

Thank you.
Each draytek is rougly the same I have uploaded 2 picture you can copy the settings and make your own tweaks. If you need any more information or not sure about a section just ask.
On the draytek go to 'VPN and remote access' > 'lan to lan'

Sorry I missed a bit

I chose a pptp vpn as this is nice and simple to setup. If your security concerned I will give you the ipsec guide.

The usernames and password on each router in the 'lan to lan' connection should be the same for the dial in and dial out.
For example router 1 dial OUT username / password must be the same as router 2 dial IN username / password.

The remote gateway settings can be changed to match your network on each side. However each site cannot share the same subnet and ip range.
The gateway Ip will be the internal ip of the draytek unless you have more than one router. The subnet mask should not need changing unless you have done anything clever with your lan ip.

The above setings should be enough to get the ball rolling.

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