Issue with setting up the JSL utility to run a java program as a windows service.

I'm trying to use the following utility:
to set up a java program to run as a windows service.

Right now I"m just trying to get the TelnetEcho sample up and running. I was able to compile and run it from the command line (not as a service).

Then I ran jsl.exe -install to install it as a service.

Now when I try to start the service I get the error message:
"Windows could not start the TelnetEcho Service on the local computer.
Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly."

I have logging enabled in jsl.ini for stderr and stdout but nothing shows up in the log files.
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gordon_vt02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the Windows system logs and see if there is any more insight into your problem there.  Are you running on a 64-bit machine?  If you are, try using jsl64.exe instead of jsl.exe.  This sounds a lot like problems I had with Tomcat running on a 64-bit Win 2003 Server install.  The solution there was to find the 64-bit Tomcat binaries so it may be a similar issue.
opikeAuthor Commented:
I'll go ahead and check the system logs and event logs. I'm running on 32bit windows 7.
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