ADMT Shared Fodler Access

ok so i am planning a domain consolidation. i have my trusts established and working no problem.
Now one qusetion i have is after i migrate over all the users and computers how will users that were own domain 1 lets call it that now have been migrated to domain 2 access all their shared folders and apps that were on servers in domain 1.

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Mike KlineCommented:
If you migrate them with SIDHistory they will be able to access domain 1 resources because of that SIDHistory attribute.



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kingcastleAuthor Commented:
what do i do with the servers in domain 1 take them of domain 1 and re add them to domain 2?
will that not mean i have to redo all my shares etc and generally be a big problem for me? what with mapped drivers etc
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
any update
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
The old servers will still have the old domain SIDs in the ACLs for the shares and NTFS.  As mkline71 already mentioned, the use of SIDHistory will allow for your migrated users to have both the new domain SID and the old domain SID, so access to the file shares remains intact.  So if you move the old servers to the new domain, the old servers will retain the old SIDs in the ACLs, however because the migrated user has both the old and new SIDs access still remains intact.
In order to remove SIDHistory, you would need to re-permission your resources to use the new domain SIDs.  Once that is complete, you can remove SIDHistory.
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
so i can safely move the servers over in exactly the same way i am moving pcs over by using the ADMT and all access to them will still work.

Once that is complete is their any real need to remove the old sid's? i mean are they doing any harm?

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