Windows 2008 R2 No Internet Acces


I have a Windows 2008 R2 box that is showing the yellow exclamation sign in the Network and Sharing Center Icon (anx a big red X to the Internet once you open the Network Center).

However, the server HAS access to the Internet just fine.

I am running behind a http Proxy and I have blocked access to several web sites but I do not understand why this machine shows the yellow sign as my other Windows 2008 R2 server and even Vista PCs are not showing this problem.

Anyone has a clue why?

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Hey Benj, I had the same problem. My solution was to manually assign the IPs and DNS info. Either one could spell disaster. If you have 2 NICs and your ISP has a private IP for DNS entries you'll need to run a special command.

run > cmd
route add mask -p

Replace with your back end IP gateway.

Hope that helps.
benjilafouineAuthor Commented:
No, I have only one NIC and the IP address is already static assigned (the router being the gateway and a DC being the DNS server). I double checked the address and everything is OK.

Why only one machine would exhibit this problem, I don't have a clue yet (aside that this is a Terminal Server rather than a simple server or PC.

First check to make sure they are resolving names correctly. Do an nslookup on both the 2008r2 that is being blocked and your 2008 that works fine. See if they can both resolve If this works then dns is working. Next do a tracert for If it works then we know the routing is working and it must be blocked. For a test download and install firefox. If this works then the problem is your proxy configuration. You may want to delete it and re-configure.
benjilafouineAuthor Commented:
I fixed it an a bizarre way: I changed the default gateway to another gateway address and then I reentered the original one and the warning went away.

The only way I can explain this is that this server was in another location before I moved it to this new one. Maybe the gateway value hadn't been properly entered in the IP properties page. I see from time to time changes "hanging" for a long time with Windows 2008 R2. Maybe I had this problem last time I changed the address.

Another bizarre thing with Windows...



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