Wmiiprvse eating up processor cycles

I have recently upgraded a processor on my laptop to a t9500. After the upgrade I noticed that the processor cycles were averaging on 20% usage.
I have opened up process explorer and the offending process seems to be wmiprvse.
If I pause windows media instumentation service this processor activity drops to around 4%
Is there any way that I can tell what provider is running as wmiiprvse. I might be able to remove this from my system
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JonveeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are some more useful comments here>
"wmiprvse.exe high cpu usage":
Do you have any old or stuck printers installed?  One that shows a bunch of print jobs. If so try deleting printer, and restarting the  spooler service.
JonveeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also here>
"High CPU usage by WMIPRVSE.EXE":

If unresolved, try downloading & updating Malwarebytes anti-Malware, from here:
When updated, reboot into Safe Mode by depressing F8 and run a scan.

Tutorial available, if you require >

If you cannot run mbam, try downloading a new mbam and rename it *before* saving it to your desktop, then try again.
funkimunkyAuthor Commented:
I figured out what was causing the excesive processor usage. I have a copy of genie timeline and this was for some reason constantly using the processor. thanks for your pointers regarding my issue.
Thanks for the report - glad you've resolved it.
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