What Applications may I remove SAFELY??

Hi Experts.--

I built a PC in 2007, when I barely knew what "right-click the mouse" meant.  It is going out soon, but in purging some old SW I installed, I saw listed some things that I am not sure I can safely remove.  Also I just finishing installing SP3 and all MS Updates to the present.  Including NTFX 3.5 SP1. ( i do not know if I even need that)

The PC does NOT have MS Office installed.  Just Abiword, and I may install MS WORKS  after I resolve this question I have.  The PC runs absolute perfect and It is modded with blue flashing lights and  cooling fans and it is in fact called "Blue Lightening. Just thought I  would throw that in because  I am really still a beginner and I am proud of This machine except for tf I have inadvertently put on it.  I think !!

Following is a list of the items in "ADD-REMOVE PROGRAMS":

1---MS User Mode Driver Framework Packet 1.0

2---MS Visual C++ 2008 ATL KB973924 x86 9.0.307----

3---MS Visual C++Redistributable x86 9.0.21027

4---MXML 4.0 SP2  KB927928, kb954430, kb973668

5---Net Framework 3.0 SP2

6---Net Framework 3.5 SP1

Under drive C:/  There is a Zip folder  VC_RED and A installer (VC_RED) Along with a bunch of EULs for Visual Basic Beta (really Old?) and matching DLL files.    do not know if they are installed yet or just downloaded or what they are doing on this PC.

I just need to know if I can get rid of f the above listed items.  So the QUESTION IS:
What items above can i safely uninstall and/or delete from this installation of  WINXP SP3

I have feeling that stuff is way over my head and does not beelong there.
Thanks in advance--
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I would probably leave everything you have there in add/remove programs, alot of applications rely on those update to run properly,
but you can for sure delete the VC_RED folder off your c drive without any problems,

if you are trying to do some maintance, go to: start: programs; accessories: systemtoosl: disk cleanup, run that tool and check all the boxes to clean up alot of temp files, then run disk defragmenter in the same directory, just for the casual cleaning
Donnie616Author Commented:
Thanks.  Disk is SPOTLESS.  Except for what I mentioned.  i see they are on my other  PCs.  But I am afraid to remove those dlls.  the matching EULAs that are in there (C Drive) have to do with Visual Studio Beta.  What is that and why do I need it?  The Eula1028-31-33-36-40-41-42-52.  Then come the dlls and the EXE file. Is it actually installed yet  i am referring to VC_RED Exe. thanks again

thats probably the install files for visual basic, a beta, which is probably old, visual basic is for programmers/coding, making your own exe files, etc. you dont need it...if you can see if you can find it in add/remove, otherwise no hard in deleting it
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Donnie616Author Commented:
thanks I believe the question is answered but i noticed on my personal PC that I have  both and I an concerned and confused.

Visual C++ 2005 redistr.  and Visual C++ 9.0 plus Visual C++2008.

FINAL 3-PART QUESTION:  IS IT SAFE to  remove either of these?  Is one of them obsolete?  Do I need

Thanks again

Theres a bit of a difference between the visual studio, and and visual redistr, the studio contains the programs to create your own program basically, while the redistr is the program that basically translates it for your computer to understand it, so you most definetely dont need the studio, but the redistr, you possibly could need if you have some software that uses that language, so its probably safer to keep the redistr, but get rid of the studio, just in case you have some piece of software that uses them.

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Donnie616Author Commented:
Thanks for the very precise answer.
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