How to install linux using IBM ServerGuide?

Hello, my company has an IBM X Series x3650 M2 7947, with 3 300GB iScsi discs, 16gb ram and 2 Xeon 2.26Mhz. I want to install a linux server in it. Everything is fine, but i do not have the IBM Serverguide CD to configure the Hardware Controler ServeRAID MR10i for Hardware RAID 5, and the OS. I tried to download the latest version (8.22) from IBM website, but it only offered Windows Server installation options. How do i do the linux installation?
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BlackAdderDKConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It's quite simple ;) - you don't use a ServerGuide at all - last I checked, Linux is supposed to be installed with a native media from the distribution you want to install

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