quick lauch button to open all files of certain extension

I recall seeing this before but can't seem to figure out create my own quick launch button for this.  I just want click the quick launch button display the all the files that has the file type I configure it for in the explorer window.

e.g. I have a combination of .doc and .xls in the my document folder but when I click the quick lauch button, it displays only .doc file in the explorer window.
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taabelloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
another option would be to query these files and then save the files (not the search) into a folder of your choice.

(pls excuse my grammar in my earlier post)
what solution do you use now, what do you use to retrieve just doc files??
delsol101Author Commented:
I have to open the My Document folder, find the doc/xls im looking for then open it.  The goal is to just group all file types together with one click and display the file type that I care for.
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oh ok like doing a quick search for filetype: .dox and .xls and displaying in a results window. just like using regular search function in microsoft windows.

delsol101Author Commented:
if you use vista,

>open a windows explorer
>in the top right corner of the screen, you'll see a search bar.
>type in your search criteria. assuming you want to find .doc and .pdf files, type - name:(*.doc OR *.pdf)
>press enter
>when the search is on, extra items appear on the menu bar at top of window
>click on save search
>note save location

so everytime you want to search for files from a certain location just go to your save location and double click the search save file

delsol101Author Commented:
Not quite what I was looking for.  The save search feature only provides your with a saved query which you have to hit search each to get the result.  What I'm looking for is to have it display with the files already so I can simply just double click the file and run without having run a query again.

It almost we are referring different tools completely.  What I recall seeing was probably a tool from the Office tool set.
Never seen it before. This might be close.....

Open a search  like you normally would, off the Start Menu, or CTRL+F, and enter your criteria, including teh directory you want to search, and the file extension.....

Hit Stop

Right click the Search Results Pane, and select Save Search. Change the location to the Desktop, but DONT CHANGE THE NAME.

Drag that to the QL bar, if it works....

Then double click it and you should be good to go......
hi delsol101,

i get your point on what you want, but what you want will only result to a duplication of files which will just take up space on your hard drive.

if you do a search and get files with a certain extension, will it move those files to another folder of your choice? if so will this not affect any other application or process requiring this file?

if the files will not be move but copied, will this not lead to duplication of files?? the option i gave you give you a short cut to all files which correspond to your query, leaving them exactly where they are but providing them within the same folder when required. this might pose a problem if you use a slow or outdated system, but if run on a normal modern machine, it should not take more than a few seconds to query.

anyways, i will keep looking for the kind of solution you want and if i'm lucky, you'l be the first to know.

all the best.
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