Using cron / crontab / wget with no popups

Hello, I'm using Windows XP SP3

I have a web server w/ PHP & I installed something called pycron

This is a Windows version of cron

When I run either:
php c:\www\file.php
wget http://localhost/file.php

I get a CMD / BAT popup depending on the type of file I scheduled with pycron.

How can I stop this? I have tasks scheduled every minute and the popups are extremely annoying. I need to run the cronjob php file but I don't want any notice at all.
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You could try using the start command with the /B flag:

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imagine7xyAuthor Commented:
Hackney, I tried  that however a window still popups up for like a millisecond, which can get really annoying after awhile.
So Windows pops up a window, then checks the flags and realises its error?

See, this is why I use Linux for serious work, and Windows only for gaming.

Have you tried using the /MIN flag too? Maybe that would stop it being so visible while Windows sorted itself out.
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imagine7xyAuthor Commented:
Actually, what I think happens is the .bat turns into a .cmd when it is ran, because start /B is only for batch right? So I run wget or php-win via and it opens up a cmd.
According to Microsoft's own docs, start is for any command, not just batch.

I've no idea why it's not behaving as Microsoft's own docs specify. (Like I said, it's that sort of frustration that drove me to FreeBSD and Linux.)
imagine7xyAuthor Commented:
I found a solution to this problem, you use php-win.exe, which generates no cmd.exe

If you use pycron, make sure you specify only php-win.exe as command, and -f "C:\pathtoscript.php" as parameter.
imagine7xyAuthor Commented:
Great idea and hes right, I should use a unix like OS
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