How to add a vendor MIB in SNMPc

I  downloaded a MIB  from a vendorsite and need to add it in SNMpc. Do anyone have a step by step procedure ifor this process?
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seanwachobConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
The steps are:

1) Copy the file to the SNMPc MIBFILES directory, and rename it to a .MIB extension if it is not already

2) Go to the Config->MIB Database menu

3) Click the add button, and add your new MIB file to the compile list

4) Click the compile button

If there are any errors or warnings, it is usually due to missing imported MIBs.  Check the IMPORTS section of your MIB file to see if there are any other vendor MIB files you might need.  Most standard MIBs are already included.
You compile the manufacturer's MIB in (You will probably need complete MIBs from the manufacturer for the device,  properly formatted to do this  -- for some devices / some manufacturers,  this might be a problem).

Then once you have the MIB compiled in,  you proceed to setup your device-specific reporting variables,  MIB variables,  and  any trending charts, based on the information the device is capable of reporting and what you want to be reported.

The software maker has documents that explain how to do all of this  in their knowledge base:

angelface20Author Commented:
Not sure how the snmpc software was installed but it is not in the program files . Is there a nother way to add the mib from the map itself?
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seanwachobSoftware EngineerCommented:
You can do a search in Windows on your drive for a file called NAMES.TXT.  This is where SNMPc stores the list of MIBs to compile and is in the same directory as the MIB source files.  You cannot add MIBs through the GUI, they need to be manually copied to the MIBFILES directory first.
angelface20Author Commented:
I am going to try all the above response . I will let everyone know how it turns out. Thanks
angelface20Author Commented:
All the steps worked for the MIB. End the end we just add connectors (relays) to the SMTP Servers.
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