DHCP Not Working on my VLAN?

I have a single 24 port switch in our office.  I have created 2 vlans.  The first is vlan id 2 with access to ports 1-20 and 21-24 have been excluded.  I have a second vlan id 1 (default) in which I have excluded ports 1-20.  These vlans must be compeletely segregated.  My entire office sits on vlan 2 in which we are running SBS 2008 which is running our dhcp.  We have voip phones that have static ip's configured and our workstations plug into our phones.  The problem is now that i have changed the office from vlan 1 over to vlan 2 dhcp does not seem to work.  anything that is hard coded works fine but when I plug a notebook in it will get a dhcp address.  I assumed that since everything is on the same vlan I shouldn't have to do anything.  Anyone have any suggestions as to what would cause this behavior?  This only seems to be a problem now that I have changed the vlan id..
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B HCommented:
can you clarify this please?

"vlan 2 dhcp does not seem to work.  anything that is hard coded works fine but when I plug a notebook in it will get a dhcp address."

on vlan 2, how does dhcp not work if you do get dhcp via a laptop?
DennisDavisAuthor Commented:
sorry i should have reread that.  It should have said it was NOT getting a dhcp address.  However, I have just found my problem.  The dhcp server service for some reason had kicked off on my server.  Who would think to check that hey??  Anyhow, thanks for the response.  

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B HCommented:
wow, glad it works... anyway - that had potential to be a fun one
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