Accessing Windows 7 Share over VPN Tunnel

Hello Experts -

I have a Windows 7 box behind a Cisco ASA firewall.  I currently do not have any antivirus software on it and do not plan on installing any (it's a temporary virtual machine for a few tests).  On the LAN, I can access the shares on the VM without a problem; however, if I VPN into the network, all shares are inaccessible if I have Windows Firewall turned on.  If I turn off Windows Firewall, all shares can be connected to without an issue.

My question is how do I configure Windows Firewall to allow connections to shares from Public Networks?  I already turned on File and Printer Sharing for Home/Domain/Public networks and that didn't make a difference.

Thanks in advance.

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B HCommented:
go thru the properties of your vpn connection in win7, properties, networking, and make sure there is a checkmark by 'file and printer sharing for microsoft networks'

chezbrgrsAuthor Commented:
It is checked both on the VPN adapter and the mobile data adapter.  Great idea though - I hadn't thought of looking there!
chezbrgrsAuthor Commented:
One more thing...I can access shares on other computers just not this one with the Firewall enabled.
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B HCommented:
ok so the target machine, does it have an exception in its windows firewall to ONLY allow a certain range of ip addresses for file sharing?  maybe your vpn dhcp range is outside the allowable firewall exception? (or a completely different subnet?)

chezbrgrsAuthor Commented:
Where would I look for that exception?  My VPN DHCP range is 192.168.24.x/24 and my LAN is 192.168.32.x/24 so it's very possible.

Thanks for your help.
B HCommented:
oh so yeah uh huh.... um... lemmie pull it up

start > (auto-search for this): firewall advanced
that takes you to windows firewall with advanced security

connection security rules > new rule > custom > next
next again, unless you want to get creative here
do not authenticate, unless you want to get creative
any protocol, or get creative
whichever profiles you want
name it, finish

while in here, look at the inbound rules for file and printer sharing, there's like 12
properties > computer tab on each one


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chezbrgrsAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure if this fixed it or not because it started working right before I saved this rule.  Anyway, it's working now and I appreciate your time.

Thanks again.
B HCommented:
you could always delete the rule and see too :)
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