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I'm sure you're familiar with Google's "Calendar" and how you can just add the script to your html page and have your own interactive calendar on your website.  It's great because you just log into Google Calendar, update your events and it's reflected on your web page.  Problem is, I'm looking for a good solution to format the colors of the calendar to match my website.  Anyone have a sample or set of solutions to achieve this?
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webgirl29Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After much research I found this website that helped to allow me to remove that blue coloring.  Wanted to share.
Can't you use the color palette in the HTML publishing helper that Google offers?  The number of color choices is limited but at least you have a choice of colors.  I use it on my Website.  It's a great public calendar IMHO.
webgirl29Author Commented:
But I want to get rid of the "blue" coloring of the calendar and I don't see how to do that in the General Settings.  Only the option to change the color of the event within a calendar day show up.  Do you know how to get rid of the baby blue color?
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