Get Set Accessors in Javascript


I was wondering if anyone knew how to implement get/set accessors in Javascript. I have tried a lot of online suggestions that just dont work. For instance in C# it would be

int i
      get {};
      set {};
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Göran AnderssonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't, it's no in the language. In languages that doesn't have properties, usually a get and set method is used:

var i;

function get_i() { return i;}

function set_i(value) { i = value; }

If you for example look at Javascript code in commercial products like Microsoft ASP.NET and Telerik, they use this pattern.
You could do:

var external = function() {
      var internal;
      get: function() { return internal; };
      set: function(value) { internal = value; };

And then you use it like this:

alert(external.get() + ' world');

This way, no one can directly get at the variable "internal".
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