Black Screen on Dell Inspiron Laptop

I have recently fitted a new LCD panel to a Dell 1545 Inspiron Laptop as well as a new inverter. When i boot it it gives a quick flash on the screen and thats it. I have tested the panel on the inverter on my packard bell and it lights up ok. I have an output to an external monitor too.
When i ran the dell diagnostics, it came up with a Error Code 0321-LCD EDID - unable to access EDID EEPROM.
The inverter passed ok. The HDD also failed on a error code 0142- self test unsuccesful status 70.
the computer boots into vista ok on the external monitor, but there is only a flash on the laptop screen when you try to switch back over to the laptop.
when i checked the BIOS the version is A10 but the LCD panel was listed as unknown.
Could it be the wrong panel? it seems to me that the power to the inverter is being switched off as it only gives you a quick flash on the screen and thats that.
Can anybody tell me what the EDID EEPROM fault is?
Incidentally the laptop was sat on thats why the screen needed replacement.
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I don't know what the error means but are you sure the screen is compatable? That model requires a 15.6" HD screen, not the standard 15.4" WXGA type.
If you can get a display on an external, try uninstalling the video drivers and reinstalling.  Also please try updating to the latest BIOS version.

The problem seems to be related to that screen replacement.
Hello there mate,

Extended display identification data (EDID) is a data structure provided  by a computer display to describe its capabilities to a graphics card.  It is what enables a modern personal computer to know what kind of  monitor is connected. EDID is defined by a standard published by the  Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The EDID includes  manufacturer name, product type, phosphor or filter type, timings  supported by the display, display size, luminance data and (for digital  displays only) pixel mapping data.

That out of the way, what might be the problem is that your system registry is setup for the wrong display and thats why the problem. I am going to go out on a limb and hope that the problem is only when booting into your OS and not at POST.

If the problem is at POST, there are two overall reasons :
  • May be some problem with the display / cable connections / powering of the LCD.
  • ALSO, it is VERY possible that the BIOS needs to be flashed as DELL may be unable to identify the new LCD during the bootup and shutting it off thinking that there is a problem. EEPROM errors can be caused by incorrect ID's and data in the current BIOS which lists different hardware ID's than the one you put in now.
If the problem comes up when you boot up into your OS, here is a quick thing you can read up to get to grips with how to solve the problem. :

Though the link is for DVi monitors, note that the principle is the same for you. Read it up anyway, as you will understand what the basic problem is in your case.

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comtech2000Author Commented:
Hi all, thanks for the help so far, the BIOS does say under panel type - Unknown device installed, so that indicates to me that its not being recognised in the BIOS, so maybe a BIOS update might help.
As for the EDID are you saying that the EDID and the BIOS information are connected, as the panel is not being recognised by either vista or at POST and the EDID cannot be accessed by the dell diagnostic program.
I understand if the panel was lit until vista kicked in that would indicate a corrupt driver or registry item possibility, but as it only gives a very quick flash of light at POST I would say its more likely to be a BIOS problem initailly at least.
Does anyone have a link to an updated BIOS for the 1545, the version I have is the A10.
Seeing that the new screen worked in the Packard Bell it is most likely the wrong one for the Dell 1545. Flashing the BIOS is not going to help. You will have to change the Display Adapter for the screen to work. That's not really an option.
comtech2000Author Commented:
Thats what I think, may be better to send the panel back and make sure the next one is compatible with the laptop. it is the 15.6" type the model is a 156WA01S make is CHUNGHWA made in china.
Not sure of the panel which Dell use as I didnt take out the old panel.
It looks like that LCD is for a Sony and is not compatable.

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comtech2000Author Commented:
Right thats very helpful news thanks, do you know the make and model I should have for the Dell?
A Phillips screen is LTN156AT01.
Look at these on ebay for other compatable models. 
comtech2000Author Commented:
Right thats fine will look for one on ebay in the UK that should get it sorted out, thanks for the help.
comtech2000Author Commented:
The solution was only partially complete as i have not had time to exchange the screens yet but the comments make sense with the problems I am experiencing.
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