SSAS how to generate time dimension


I need Time dimensions so I created one using SSAS 2008 and selected option 'Generate a table table on the server' and I have the dimension but here are my issues:

1) I cannot find physical table? Where does the data located? How can I generate the table so I can modify the dates if necessary? What is the practise of Time dimension There seems to be several options which don't make much usage sense to me :)
2) I added the dimTime to my cube but in dimension usage there is no relationship so I presume that will not work but my question is is there any reason to use 'no relationship' in practise?

Many thanks in advance
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We use a special custom table for time dimension where there are other attributes that we usually need - local names of months, quartals, weeks according ISO etc. Important is to set the type of dimension = "Time" in visual studio - also levels must be correctly set - month, quartal, year. In such a case the time functions (YTD...) are correct. So relationship in hierarchy (we usually have 2 hierarchies - calendar yearly and calendar weekly) are here very important.


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itcoupleAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the info I actually had a small problem with time dimension which was set up to regular instead of time several hours ago which still confuses me as I don't seem to understand the main differences between them .

I managed to generate template table in my database (There was a tick box at the end to do that and I use data source...might be obvious but wasn't for me :p) which I will now customize to my needs as per your suggestion as I see that it will not work with my Calendar/Fiscal Year.

I will also set up calendar and weekly hieararchies as per your suggestion as this is in my case also needed however I have rather very basic question. How do I set up the hierarchies correctly? I get 'attribute relationship do not exist between between one or more levels of this hierarchy.

I will also post new thread about Employee Hierarchy now :)

p.s. I'm starting to slowly understand the idea :p

Many thanks in advance.

itcoupleAuthor Commented:
Very useful to know :) Thanks
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