Windows 2008R2 Remote Desktop Server

We are having the following printer errors in the eventlog. Event ID 602 is listed for all printers being deployed by GPO. And once i n a while Event ID 808 comes by. Yesterday the server hanged. I want to fix these issues to rule them out for being the cause of that.

Event ID: 602
The print spooler failed to reopen an existing printer connection because it could not read the configuration information from the registry key S-1-5-21-4189169303-4184209613-1567079702-500\Printers\Connections\,,hig-print01,RWKP40. This can occur if the key name or values are malformed or missing.

Event ID: 808 The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module mscms.dll, error code 0x7e.
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Install the updated driver on the Windows 2008R2 Remote Desktop Server.

Also refer this:

I hope this helps,

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NicoNLAuthor Commented:
I deleted all the printers on the 2008R2 Remote Desktop server and re-installed them as a network printer on a windows 2008 (SP2) printer server. The printers install successfully, but in the eventlog the same event ID's 602 and 808 return after that. The latest version of the HP Universal Printer Driver is installed, v5.0.3. But even the current v5.0.3 doesn't list a specific windes 2008R2 version. So it could be a driver incompatibility issue.

The Canon iR C3080/3480/3580 PCL5c version 2008x64 won't install as a network printer on the 2008 printer server, but does install and function when installed locally on the 2008R2 RD server.

So it looks like all the printers must be installed locally on the 2008R2 server. Or do we have to upgrade our printer server from 2008 SP2 to a 2008R2 server?
I'm trying to 'upgrade' a print server from 2003 R2 to 2008 R2.  Migration failed due to the 2008 R2 being a x64 box.
I basically re-set-up all of the printers on the 08 box with the x64/x86 drivers.  The HP Universal Printing PCL 6 ( drivers seem to work great on R2.
I constantly receive the EventID 808 on the the Canon IR PCL5 drivers as well.
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NicoNLAuthor Commented:
I'm also constantly getting the event ID's 602 and 808 on the HP UPD. But the printers are functioning okay. So for now I'm just ignoring these 602 and 808 event ID's.
Does anyone have an update for this case?  I'm getting these errors on our RD servers as well.  We're using a 2008 R2 print server, with numerous print drivers installed, and something keeps crashing our spooler on the RD servers.  All of the drivers have been isolated on the Print Server.
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
Do your printer drivers officially support Windows server 2008R2? Canon has released a Generic printer driver that supports Windows Server 2008R2 Remote Desktop server, so in our case we are now using this Generic Printer driver version without any errors.
Yes,  all of our print drivers are digitally signed.  I'll have to look into the Canon Generic Print Driver.  Thanks!
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
We did have major Print Spooler crashes when we were changing the printer server. Every time a user logged in with a printer setting in the key HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-xx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx\Printers\Connections\,,Printerservername,Printername that didn't exist on the Remote desktop server anymore, the Print Spooler service would crash at once with an Application Error Event ID: 1000. I had to manually remove these ,,Printerservername,Printername key settings.

I also created an Event Viewer Tasks that restarted the Print Spooler Service when ever Application Error Event ID: 1000 had occured and the Print Spooler Service had stopped with:
for /f "Tokens=1-2* Delims=: " %%a in ('sc query spooler^|FIND "STATE"') do set STATE=%%b
if "%STATE%" EQU "1" set PrinterServiceStatus=PrSvcHasStopped
if "%PrinterServiceStatus%" EQU "PrSvcHasStopped" sc start Spooler
We als having Event ID: 808 The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module mscms.dll, error code 0x7e.

It works for months, but now our kyocera is not working anymore. We cleaned every driver and kyocera printer but once we reinstall everiything the problem comes back.

The strange parts is we do also have a HP and onother dell printer. they are working as excpected.

Any idee's
NicoNLAuthor Commented:
Possibly a driver issue. Did you try to install the printer locally on the Remote Desktop server? Creating the Kyocera IP port on the RD server and linking the printer to it. This could solve the failure
loading the plug-in module.

Did you contact Kyocera for a printer driver that supports 2008R2 Remote Desktop?
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