VBA - Passing Array of dates to Combobox / Listbox

Hi there,

I have a list of dates in a range on a worksheet that I use to populate a combobox.  I have formatted the dates as "dd-mmm-yy".  When it gets passed to the control, it loses the formatting I prefer and instead formats as "dd/mm/yyyy".  

I hope I am being stupid and there is an easy property somewhere that allows me to switch such that it sticks with the format I prefer, but regardless, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to pass the dates to the listbox (other than one at a time as a string), to avoid the change in formatting.

Just for reference the code I am using is as follows:

varImport = Application.WorksheetFunction.Transpose(wksMain.Range("Import_Qtrs").Value)
frmSelectQtrs.cmbQtr1.List = varImport

Many thanks,

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it should be possible to set:
ComboBox1 = Format(ComboBox1, "dd-mm-yy")

or there is a propery called
.NumberFormat = "dd-mm-yy"


You could use Evaluate to generate a 2D array in the correct format like this:

However, it would quite possibly be faster (not that you're likely to notice in the real world) to assign the values via a 2D array and then add them one at a time via the Add method of the combo.


varImport = Application.WorksheetFunction.Transpose(Evaluate("IF(ROW(),TEXT('" & wksMain.Name & "'!" & wksMain.Range("Import_Qtrs").Address & ",""dd-mmm-yy""))"))

'and then assign this:

frmSelectQtrs.cmbQtr1.List = varImport

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I couldn't find a flag to set, but this works.
varImport = Application.WorksheetFunction.Transpose(wksMain.Range("Import_Qtrs").Value)
For Item = 1 To UBound(varImport)
    varImport(Item) = Format(varImport(Item), "dd-mm-yy")
Next Item
frmSelectQtrs.cmbQtr1.List = varImport

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DigitttAuthor Commented:
Evaluate worked, although I have no idea why...haven't used it before....hmmm, a new toy to play with.

I tried the Format / .NumberFormat options, they were a no-go, but thanks for the idea.  

On the For Next, I didn't want to iterate through it individually but it would work.  No one would notice given the size of the array but I was looking for something more contained that didn't have to do it one at a time.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

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