leopard stop indexing

how to stop indexing on leopard
(top right side of screen) spotlight

takes a long time
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It should not re-index everytime you start your computer.

Open Disk Utility (found in /Applications/Utilities) and run Repair Permissions. Then use the instructions in my last post above to delete the index file which is probably corrupt. After restarting Spotlight should re-index your drive from scratch, but once that is done, it should no longer to it each time you start.
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Leopard indexing shouldn't be a problem unless the index has become corrupted. See the tips in the links above to stop Spotlight from indexing certain files or folder which can be problematical.

I would suggest you delete the existing spotlight index and then leave it to run overnight to create a new one. The easiest and safest way to do that is to download a freeware untility called Invisibles:  http://blog.tice.de/software.php?page=InVisibles%20engl&sprache=englisch

Use Invisibles to make your system files visible. Then go to the root of your hard drive and delete the file .Spotlight-V100. Restart Invisibles and change your system files back to Invisible. Restart your computer. This will force Spotlight to create a brand new index. This may take several hours, so I suggest you do it overnight.
rgb192Author Commented:
i didnt understand any of the tutorials

all ask

what are the folders that my computer indexes
answer: all of them

whenever i restart computer, it re indexes and this takes two hours
Do you by any chance have a BootCamp partition on your Mac? If so, open the Spotlight prefs and set it to NOT index the Bootcamp partition. That should solve your problem.
rgb192Author Commented:
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