Remote Desktop with RDP is working inside Home Network but not via Internet

Remote Desktop is working inside Home Network but not via Internet. IP provided by ISP seems to be fixed and port 3389 is open.
It's possible access html pages on data server, there is apache on data server.

"System diagram" with some additional information on enclosed file - any idea?

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acl-puzzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try UDP mapping also...

on pc keep open tcpipview

now try connection from mobile client do you see any connection initializing from  mobile client and in "state" any SYN  from this mobile client?

if it shows mobile client ip even for a moment that means mobile client at least once reached to and port forwarding is happening properly
B HCommented:
what is the last digits of the ip you want to remote into?  i can't tell in your diagram... in what you call RR24, you need to allow tcp 3389 inbound to 10.0.0.x (whichever one you want remote desktop to go to)

also, on the target machine, you need to make sure it is accepting remote desktop inbound, either via windows firewall on that machine, or the checkmark that says 'allow people to connect here'

the html pages accessed on the server deal with port 80 and don't relate to this much
Did you test with the Ubuntu machine locally before trying it remotely?
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" IP provided by ISP seems to be fixed and port 3389 is open."

Linux Ubuntu which is mobile connection is connecting from internet right?

if this pc issue this command

telnet  x.x.x.142  3389    

does it shows an blinking cursor or if it is an ubuntu then install nmap on this mobile pc and do scan on x.x.x.142

does it shows port 3389 is open?

Tapio61Author Commented:
Dear all, thanks about your very fast reply :)

I want remote to IP, please see also enclosed attachment for settings of A-Link RR24.
Firewall of is turned off.

I have test it and everything works locally (inside Home Network) but not behind A-Link RR24.

telnet  xx.yy.zz.142  3389 shows following:
    Trying xx.yy.zz.142...
    Connected to xx.yy.zz.142.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    Connection closed by foreign host (this logout will happen after 30 seconds or something like that)
One additional question: I can see my login name on login screen (as "Tapio" in this case).
Is this login screen generated
- by - then it means that there is some problem with access rights or
- is this login generated by Terminal Server Client software

Tapio61Author Commented:
Thanks about your advice.
Tomorrow I have more time to continue with this and I will inform you.

You need to open port 3389 at your firewall.
Tapio61Author Commented:

I did not find final problem but after fresh installing of WinXP everything is working okay.
Method from acl-puzz was most professional that's why I give all points to him.
Other answers were also good but as you can see from attachment, I have test these and they seems to be working.

Thanks to everybody about your support.

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