Windows cannot connect to the printer. either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printerhas lost its connection

Good morning from Memphis,

First I want to say thank you in advance because I am at wits end trying to solve this issue.
Please feel free to ask questions if I do not provide enough information.  I will be hapy to assist.

The Issue:

We have a small network.  It consists of a Windows 2003 server, a linksys switch and a D-Link-655 wireless router which assigns DHCP to all computers on the network.  The laptops and other host machines are running Windows XP professional.

The main issue we are having is for some reason we cannot connect to network printers from the print server.  We get the notorious error "Windows cannot connect to the printer. either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printerhas lost its connection".

I can find the printers on the network.  I can connect using the "Http:// address" yet this was working EXACTLY the way is was supposed to months ago.  I have NO idea what has happened.  

To give you additional information, when a user logs on to the network, it takes forever.  Please understand that this only takes a long time to be authenticated wirelessly.  Could this be a DNS issue or NetBios?  It did take a few times to add laptops to the domain.

Another fact in this issue is that we ARE using OpenDNS on our router.  Then Windows 2003 server uses itself at the primary DNS and no second DNS entry.

Why would no one be able to print or find the printers?

We are able to see other computers on the network as well as the printers but we can not connect to them.  I used to be able to type the name of the server in the run box (example: \\server" and it would pop right up.  Now all I get is a "server cannot be found" yet it displays just fine when it comes to viewing the microsoft network under the networking icon.

I am wits end trying to figure out why this is happening.  Please help!

I will be happy to assist anyone on this matter.

Thank you again in advance,

Dave P.

Memphis, TN

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are the PCs using the windows server for DNS?
SuperDave71Author Commented:
Yes, the Windows PC's are using the Server for DNS.  What I am doing is using the option of "Obtain DNS address automatically.

I did however add the OPENDNS addresses for the Router's DNS information.  I did take these out and left them blank ( the way it was originally ) and it still did not work.

Thank you so much for your response.

Hope this helps.

-Dave P.

The DNS address of the server is it's IP address.
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
I agree that this is a DNS issue.

What is the IP of your internal DNS server?

Please run these commands on a computer that is connected by WiFi and post the results;
ipconfig /all
nslookup name.of.print.server

logons depend upon DNS,

Printers could be DNS, IP, or Netbios, depending on how they are mapped on the print server.

Do you map by IP, DNS address, or Netbios name?

Go to the DC's command prompt and type, DCdiag /test:DNS

use ping to troubleshoot DNS,

Ping printername
ping ipaddress

Both UNC paths and Ping are used on multiple communications protocols.

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SuperDave71Author Commented:
Thank you so much for your help
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