Kerberos and NTP Server

Few questions need to be answered :-

1) if our PDC ( Primary Domain Controller ) never configure as NTP Server, can Kerberos
    authentication work in domain environment ?

2) From link said that , if we configure our PDC based
     on Internet Source, the authentication wouldn't work ????
     How about if  it is reliable Internet Source ??

    Above microsoft link is advised us to use own PDC internal clock ?? Am I right ?

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sfossupportConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Even if you never configured an ntp server for use by your pdc it would default to using its internal clock. If this is still close to the correct time then kerberos would work just fine.
Kerberos tickets would still be issued.
It depends on how good the time on your machine with the fsmo role of pdc. Kerberos is very picky about time and you have about 5 minutes of variation. The 2 biggest problems
on AD are DNS and time. If these work you are normally in pretty good shape. Just point your pdc to an internet time server

  Net time /setsntp:<ntpserver> where ntpserver is one of the following.

All your domain clients should get there time from the pdc emulator.

  Good luck

kcnAuthor Commented:
Hi ,

If we never configure NTP servive on DC , the the Kerberos cannot work properly , Am I right ??

I just want to know without NTP Service in DC , the Kerberos become no meaning ???
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read this for better explanation

you can configiure the DC timing useing its internal clock
and then all workstations and other servers will got the timing from the server
kcnAuthor Commented:
Any further comment before I assign point .

Thanks .
kcnAuthor Commented:
If the PDC has accurate own internal clock but the clients that access PDC do not have accurate internal clock then even kerberos issue tickets to clients but the original good security feature like play back attack will be compromised .. ==> Am I right ???
kcnAuthor Commented:
Not completely be answered
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