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We're currently evaluating SCCM for use in deploying software and managing our machines. We currently use a different enterprise solution, and are attempting to do a little bit of a feature comparison...

One thing we currently do in our current system, is build collections based on SQL. SCCM appears to have this ability, but our first impression tells us it's actually using WQL, and not actually connecting to the SCCM SQL database.

One real-life scenario where we would utilize SQL over WQL, is with our blackberry users. We have a SQL collection that joins to our BES database, and automatically builds the collection of users that should get the "blackberry desktop" software on their workstation.

Since SCCM is based on WQL, is there a way to connect to a database in this way? Or can you only connect to the WMI tables that SCCM can see?
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not by default.for this you need customizing like custom hardware inventory or site tasks
sypkenjmAuthor Commented:
Could you describe / point me in the direction of what that entails / how that might be accomplished?
You can execute sql commands from within sccm (site -> sql tasks) but there's no possibility to gater some information.
The only chance i see is to either extend the hardware inventory with your needed information or to work with the hardware inventory which is already captured.

Is there any unique identifier on this blackberry servers which allows to create a colleciton with them based on hardware inventory.e.g. installed blackberry software?!? If yes this would not be a big problem to create a collection with only those systems.
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sypkenjmAuthor Commented:
Nope, we can't base our collection on installed software, as the collection itself is intended to push the very software we would be looking for. A bit of a catch 22 there.

The blackberry database just contains a list of UserID's, which (in our current system) we can tie with the users in the delivery solution, and create a collection of users that way.  Doesn't seem like this can be done with SCCM, unless someone else has another idea.
You can also deploy software based on users or group membership from AD in SCCM. Maybe this helps?

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sypkenjmAuthor Commented:
It doesn't really help in this scenario, and all of the rest of our normal collections are based on information in our HR system, which isn't all in AD either.

Unless anyone else has a brilliant idea how this could be accomplished, I'll close it and award points to merowinger.
Allright, you can also request attention to bring more further experts in! But you will not find the soution you want to here
sypkenjmAuthor Commented:
For anyone who may stumble upon this question later, here's what I'm thinking we'll probably do to resolve this problem.

I'm planning on writing a small application, that will be triggered by a scheduled task every 30 minutes.. it will look to a database, that two fields:  collectionID and SQLCmd. It will execute the SQLCmd, then compare the results against the collectionID (collectionID will probably be the name of an AD group). It will then add or remove users as necessary from the collection, to match the results of the SQLCmd. This way we can build collections based on any bit of information we deem appropriate (our HR DB, blackberry DB, etc).
sypkenjmAuthor Commented:
The answer to the question was essentially, the product doesn't support this type of behavior, so it's not as much of a solution as it is the answer to a question...but that's what I was looking for.
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