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we have SKYPE (which works on Mac and PC) and we use Desktop Sharing feature which has no problems to share screen from Mac computer to PC or opposite.

However as soon as we have group/conference call "desktop sharing" feature disappears. in other words SKYPE doesn't allow to share screen with more than one person.

I would like to know if there is a way to have conference call with more than 2 people and if one of us shares desktop all other people which are connected to conference call can see it. I'm looking for feature which can work on both: windows and mac.

In other words exactly the same thing what SKYPE does except for more than 2 people. I don't think that SKYPE offers the feature. Please let me know what is the other FREE solution is available.

Thank you
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GoldblumConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think it is possible to talk over SKYPE with more than 2 people and use for sharing the desktop at the same time.

Thanks everybody for help
I believe this is why you can not do what you are trying with SKYPE:

There is not many FREE solutions out there that do any better than SKYPE.  I have seen this one different times, but have had no reason to do any testing.  You might give it a trying.  Their website highlights the ability to make multi video connections and share docs, but doesn't come right out and say 'share desktop'.
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