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I have a duplex and wanted to know where is the best place to advertise a room for rent?  I also wanted to know how I can verify what room rates are going for within my area?  Is there a specific website I can go to or any website that will point me in the correct direction?

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Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerCommented:
As these types of sites are location specific, I would like to know about your location ?

OCwaste2Author Commented:
I live in the 92701 area, in Southern California
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerCommented:
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Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerCommented:
>> I also wanted to know how I can verify what room rates are going for within my area?

To know current rent rates, first search for room for rent and check the rent rates.

try google, find any rent mentioning your zip code and get the correct site
Geoff KenyonCommented:

Craigslist is probably the most popular site, especially for younger demographics - I have found most of the places I've lived through CraigsList...

I don't know of a tool for checking rental prices in an area - my advice would be to check out craigslist.  If you're too high, you won't get much interest and you can go from there

Aside from Craigslist, which is probably the most popular, just Google "room for rent Santa Ana"

Whichever sites come up first are the sites you should advertise on since that is the phrase people actually looking for a room to rent in Santa Ana are going to be searching.
Amandeep Singh BhullarCommented:
You can also advertise in your local news paper.

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