Restore deleted OU from AD

Hi Experts

i have 1 ou in my active directory
under that ou i have 25 sub OUs
in each ou there are 100 users and groups and computers

so total object arrount 2500 object
by sudden i have deleted the main OU

now i had created my lab and i retored my all system state to yesterday backup, but this operation took from me 4 working hour to preapre the test server and restore the db

i heared there a nonautoritative retore which will restore only the deleted ou

pls help me with step by step explanation on how to retore the only deleted ou
not to restore everything because this i know

pls note im a bignner to all what you gonna say
so please give me the steps in easy way

thanks experts
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petterolssonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi IT-MAN-2010,

This article is what you want:

If you need more detailed instructions regarding anything in that KB let me know and I will elaborate further.

Nice question
From myside I know the authoritative restore, but I have no idea about the other,

I'm intresting as well to get the solution
IT-MAN-2010Author Commented:
very long article
gus i need simple steps
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what you did is catastrophic... very bad... there's not any easy list of steps to follow, only the hard way (the link he posted above), and the harder way (blow everything up and recreate it all)

B HCommented:
...maybe you could call microsoft product support, for a $250 phone call they should take over your screen and fix it for you

Please phone a Microsoft support professional at (800) 936-4900

Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A non-authoritative restore means that the objects you restore will be overwritten during the next replication cycle.  What you need to do is mark the OU as authoritative.

Guy has a good step by step here

I also helped with a question last year to help with an authoritative restore



Your not going to find a 10 step guide.  It's fairly involved. If your not willing to read even a KB you should probably just call MS.  $250 is cheap support.
snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dunno if this will help you:

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