toshiba e-STUDIO230 x64 and x86 drivers

hello all,

i am trying to install print drivers for a Toshiba e-STUDIO230 on a 2008 x64 SBS server. and share out the print queue.

i am unable to locate matching x86 and x64 drivers.

can anyone help?

i have checked the toshiba website but the drivers on their page do not seem to work.
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baldwinr99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could run a virtual machine with server 2003 installed along with the printer, and then share the printer.  I believe this should work. This is not a full solution just a work around.  Need to contact Toshiba about matter to see if native 64 bit drivers will become available for this printer type.
When you say the drivers do not seem to work, what exactly happens?  Please describe in detail what you have done and tried.
dirkdigsAuthor Commented:
i went to the toshiba website and downloaded the driver that said 32/64, i would assume it would allow me to install for x86 and x64 architecture but it did not work for x86.

I downloaded another driver specifically for x86 however it said that the OS does nto support the x86 architecture and that i would need an x64 compatible driver package.
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I've got the same problem overhere.

I'm only able to find printer drivers at the website of Toshiba which support x86 driver for Windows XP or Vista. (Please have a look at the link I attached, maybe this one works to solve your problem)

I've got the printer still installed on the 'old' Windows Server 2003 machine which should have been replaced by the Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 machine.

When I locate the folder with all the information, load the "eS4nxl2K.inf" it says:

"The folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for x64-based systems."
I'm aware of that. The server still runs at the moment with the print service installed. This weekend I'll P2V this server. But it's not a solution. I've tried to contact Toshiba but they couldn't help directly... And I had some critical issues which had my priority. So I'll keep you posted on a possible solutions.
It's already closed, but I'd just like to put some input and say that the 232 x64 and x86 drivers DO seem to work for a 230, I just tried this successfully. I don't know if there will be any errors introduced but my users could print documents just fine.

I feel it's worth testing!
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