Use PHP, XML-RPC to get data and display from database

Hello. I am a complete newbie to xml-rpc and this would be the first time I would be using xml-rpc. Now I have a list view which would display names of a list of templates existing in a mysql database. And each of those templates would have more than one version. But the list view would be displaying only the latest version of each of those versions.

The list now, has ID, Template Name, Latest Version etc columns. Now I want to use xml-rpc call to create an expand-collapse view(similar to this text area which is being used to enter question), so that whenever someone clicks on the ID column, a list would expand to show the available templates and their versions, which would come from a mysql database.

I am aware that the expand-collapse could be achieved using CSS. But how would the xml-rpc be used to get data from database and displaying it??

Is that possible using xml-rpc?? Are there any suggestions, advices or code samples regarding this??
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