Client Printer Is not redirected to Citrix Presentation Server

I have a citrix Presentation Server 4.0 installed with published applications.Everthing was working fine for months.Now, when any print task is assigned from the client machine ,the citrix server lists  only the deafult cute pdf printer installed on the citrix server.Sice i couldnt find a solution through browsing, I formated the machine and reconfigured the citrix server.It worked well for a day,again its giving me the same problem.More than 20 users are accessing citrix from various locations with diffrent printers installed on their machines.None of them are able to print.I have enabled client printer redirection on The PS server.What could be the problm.Any help would be greatly appreciated
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nprignanoConnect With a Mentor Technical ArchitectCommented:
There are a few different possibilities for why it works for a while and then stops.  First off, it could be a result of a driver getting loaded on the Citrix server that is not compatible.  XenApp has policies (as does windows) that prevents the server from loading printer drivers when users log in.  These policies are not configured out of the box.

Another possibility is user profile corruption, as settings for printers are stored in the users' profile (local or server, depending again on how your policies are configured).

Is this issue happening across the board - as in, when one user is not getting their printer when they log in, are any of the users getting their printers when they log in?  If its affecting all users at the same time, I'd lean towards a bad driver on the server.
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