Firebox X500 Reset / Setup

I acquired a firebox x500 series router. Boots up states it has fireware 10.2. I am new to the watchguard product. Thought they had web based configuration but no. I am trying to reset it to either factory or set it up using the getting started wizard. I have firebox system manager 7.4 which they put on a cd to be installed. I get to the point where it says to power up the firewall and the software just hangs there.
I have a cross-over cable going from ethernet on computer to Ethernet port 1 on router. Have a console cable connected between the 2. I set the computer with a static ip and run thru the wizard but can't get past Power up device waiting. I boot it into safe mode and can ping after I set the ip config on Ethernet 1 to match the above. Help is appreciated.
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x500 is running on fireware version 10.2 and you have 7.x management software; would not buzz.

First of all get fireware version 10.2 installed on your computer, for this you can log on to WG website and request change of admin [if you know credentials] or call them and get this done.

Once you have software, then proceed as below:

Please note as you have x500 it does not support web interface; and using either quick setup wizard or using reset procedure as above is the only way in to the device.

Thank you.

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mousemenAuthor Commented:
I'm in the process of getting the owner/registration changed with WG. Until then I can't download the 10.2 version. When I got the unit they said it wouldn't run above 7.x. According to your post I assume I can get the 10.2 downloaded as that is what the unit is running. I didnt know if the fireware version matches the system manager version. Unless I can get it another way I just need to wait for the transfer to complete. How ever long that takes. I have a 2nd unit as I got 2 from the same person and I was able to run this version of system manager to run the setup wizard on that. Once I upgrade to 10.2 on this computer will it also upgrade the other unit to the same version?
mousemenAuthor Commented:
In the mean time. Do these units come with vpn included or do you need to purchase that separately. According to the specs it looked like 5 vpn tunnels are included. I was looking at the link above that states to upload your license features key which I wouldnt have since the units are used.
Please have a look at link below:

As it clearly mentioned fireware pro optional; this box would run version 10.x.

Once you have 10.x software; if you save to any device it would get upgraded to latest releases; however, direct upgrade from 7.x -> 10.x is not supported and is not advisable.
As you are setting up these unit; I would suggest you to wipe the unit clean and then load the software on them.

These units do come with default VPN licenses for BOVPN [site-to-site] and MUVPN [IPSec remote user]/RUVPN [PPTP]. Not sure if this model supports SSL or comes with license.
One the product is transferred in your name you would get access to download the license(s) from WG website for that unit as well.

Thank you.
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