Global Catalog is Down

My network consists of one domain, two domain controllers that also run dns, one exchange 2003 enterprise sever.  One of my domain controllers is down.  This one also happened to be the global catalog server.  Although users can log onto their workstations their microsoft outlook clients are failing on authentication.  I also checked the services on the exchange server and the exchange server server is not started.  In the event log it states the global catalog server cannot be found.  Can a windows 2003 domain have more than one global catalog server?  If yes, how can i set this up?
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Glen KnightCommented:
Using Active Directory Sites and Services expand the domain controllers and right click on NTDS Settings and put a check in the box to make it a Gloval Catalog.

In a single domain environment I normally make all my DC's Global Catalog servers.

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Make the other server is the global catalog
U can have all of ur domain having the GC,
Now wehre are ur five rules, in the down server or in another server
If it in down then u r in trouble

Run this command in ur dc up
C:\netdom fsmo
And paste the result
What is the name of the down server
What is the name of the other dc which run the dns
Glen KnightCommented:
What difference dies the location of the FSMO roles make?

This is of no relevance for Exchange or Active Directory as long as the server that is currently down will be comming back on line.

If it's completely failed then that's a whole other story.

You will need to seize the 5 FSMO roles as per:

then you will need to perform a METADATA cleanup as per: or if you prefer the Petri version of this then:
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Wait don't do seize now

Maybe we can solve the down dc

The user seems is not expert like u
U jumped frpm A to Z
And this should be the last option
Glen KnightCommented:
As I said in my post, if the DC has completely failed them you will need to seize the roles. There is no other option.

It osnot cometely clear if the DC is recoverable or not.

But the question does not say the server has completely failed I was just providing the options since you brought up the FSMO roles.
Deklinm do u have the system state backup to the down server?

What do u mean by server down
Can u turn it on at least to move the 5 rules to another server
If not then seizng is ur solution

But chk if u have the systemstate backup then u retore on the same or different machine
deklinmAuthor Commented:
The power supply failed. It should be fixed within 12 hours. I just want to give users the ability to send/receive email in the meantime.
Glen KnightCommented:
Then set the global catalog flag as per my first comment and restart the exchange services.
go to the second DC server

On the domain controller,
click Start,
 point to Programs,
 click Administrative Tools,
and then click Active Directory Sites and Services.

In the console tree,
 double-click Sites,
double-click the name of the site,
and then double-click Servers.
Double-click the target domain controller.

In the details pane,
 right-click NTDS Settings,
 and then click Properties.
On the General tab,
 click to select the Global catalog check box.
Restart the domain controller.
Glen KnightCommented:
IT-MAN-2010 > i realise your a new expert but we don't normally repeat other expert posts.  I posted these instructions in my first post.
promote a domain controller to a global catalog server, follow that steps:
1.On the domain controller, click Start, point to Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Active DIR Sites and Services.
2.In the console tree, double-click Sites, double-click the name of the site, and then double-click Servers.
3.Double-click the target domain controller.
4.In the details pane, right-click NTDS Settings, and then click Properties.
5.On the General tab, click to select the Global catalog check box.
6.Restart the domain controller.

and fix your down server urgently
and you can still keep this server as GC
i agree with demazter

as IT-MAN-2010 JUST COPIED THE same post of demazter

i just added a photo of it
Glen KnightCommented:
I would suggest the thabash and IT-MAN-2010 both review the answering question guidelines here:

you have both repeated my first post.
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