How do I set up the MS IFD Tool for MS CRM 4.0.

Please could someone assist in setting up the IFD tool for MS CRM 4.0. I'm going round and circles!

Server is off site and I connect using a VPN Tunnel to an on-site version of CRM.

The external website works fine and is accessible and operational.
By remote access to server, I can also open the MS CRM application using  "servername/crmname"

I cannot get the outlook client for MS CRM to connect. Multiple websites have said I need to use the
IFD Tool. I have followed instructions from Microsoft but no luck.

Please explain what data goes into each field in IFD tool.

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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
If you are using a VPN to connect to the server then you do not need to use the IFD tool to configure an Internet-Facing deployment.

The point of the IFD tool is to configure forms-based authentication (rather than Windows authentication) for users that connect when they are not on the internal network.

You mention the external website works fine? Is the URL for this a public domain or an internal domain?  If you are using a VPN connection then an internal domain should work.

Also, have you read this document?

alifancyAuthor Commented:

That eliminates one headache.... the IFD Tool.

Yes....the external Website is public and has a DNS Entry with Network Solutions.

When I try to configure the Microsoft Dynamics for outlook in the "configuration wizard", it asks for two pieces of information: Intranet address and External Web Address. I am connected using a VPN to the server. I receive the following error:
"The request failed with HTTP status 401: unauthorised" followed by
"Mandatory updates for Microsoft CRM Dynamics could not be applied successfully. Try running the application again"

I added the user name and password to the "stored passwords". Now a different error! (more progress....)

"The file /pinnacle/MSCRMServices/2007/AD/Crmdiscoveryservice.asmx" does not exist" I'm stuck.... :- (

Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
If you are connecting using a VPN then you should use the internal URL for the website.  For example, if your CRM is at http://crm/myorganization then URL for Outlook should be http://crm (don't add the organization name).

When you configure CRM for Outlook, select My Company, use the internal URL address for the Intranet address and use the same web address when the system connects over the Internet.

The external web address would only be relevant if you were to connect without using a VPN.
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alifancyAuthor Commented:
The internal address is: http://284-004/pinnacle. Dynamics loads up fine when I use remote desktop and run this from IE Explorer on the actual server 284-004.

I entered "http://284-004/pinnacle" for both fields in the "MS Dynamics for Outlook configuration wizard" on the client machine and I still receive the same error:

"The file /pinnacle/MSCRMServices/2007/AD/Crmdiscoveryservice.asmx" does not exist"
Any ideas?
Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Please try http://284-004 in the Wizard (i.e. without pinnacle).

I'm assumin that pinnacle is the organization name.
alifancyAuthor Commented:

That worked! Well done.... almost....

The wizard completes successfully. Outlook now loads up, CRM connects to the server and it gets as far as "Initialising Offline syncronisation".... then outlook crashes with the error:

"An error occured loading Microsoft Dynamics Functionality. Try restarting Microsoft Outlook. Contact system administrator is problem persists".

I have re-started MS outlook twice and also re-started the computer once. This user is part of the local administrators group on the machine so I don't think it's a security issue. Any other ideas?

Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
At least we are on the right track.

The Initialising  Offline ... error means that you installed the crm client with offline access. The installation will have installed an instance of SQL Express to store data offline. Please check that the service for SQL Express is set to automatic and is started.

Also, have you installed any update rollups on your server? You need to install the same update rollup number (to match the server) on your client system.  
alifancyAuthor Commented:

You are correct..... SQL Express service was stopped. Thank you VERY much for you help..... I have struggled with this for MONTHS!

Really appreciate the time you have spent to assist.

Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
No problem. Glad we got to the bottom of this.

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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Did you mean to close this with 0 points?
alifancyAuthor Commented:
Hi Feridun,

Absolutely not.... you've been a great help in solving a problem that was a pain for over 6 months. I assigned it the maximum value because of your excellent and complete reply. I was surprised that the system closed this at 0 points. It was not my intention at all. Please submit this as evidence that I intended to close this at max value and please accept my apologies for the delay. I have been travelling for the last two weeks. Thanks, Ali
alifancyAuthor Commented:
I also do not know why this has a 6.8 rating. You solved multiple problems 100%. Why 6.8? Who assigned this?
Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Good to hear your intentions, alifancy.  I'm not sure how you can change things now the question is closed.

You might try the Request Attention link in the original question.
alifancyAuthor Commented:

I have submitted the following using the "request attention" link.


To whom it may concern,

Recently I used expert exchange to solve a problem that has been an issue for over 6 months. The problem ID is 31344492 and the person who solved the problem VERY efficiently and effectively was "Feridun". When the case was closed, for some reason it closed with 0 points. This was not my intention. I assigned it the full value of 500 points as this has been a persistent problem for over 6 months and has caused me many wasted hours in trying to fix.

Would appreciate if you could address this issue and give "Feridun" the full credit for his work.

Kind regards,

Ali A. Fancy

alifancyAuthor Commented:
A very clear and concise solution to a problem that has been posted on multiple other boards without solution.
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