Looking for an Acronis alternative..

Having just had another client lose his data because of a corruot Acronis backup, I am looking for a reliable alternative which will do system and data backups.

Acronis have shown no inclination to fix this problem over years of 'development' and new releases and it is just not reliable.

I can't trust software reviews since they consistently recommend Acronis despite the hundreds of reports of corruption.

Must be XP/Vista/W7 compatible.
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try ntbackup.exe and get your golden ticket to microsoft support.
w7 has something new, dont know the name, but it cant write to tape

or try drivesnapshot. a tiny imager, that can handle vss

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i've used acronis over the past few years, and i've never had any problems using it. As for corrupt image backup, can you tell us what media you are using? maybe you should consider different media

no matter how good a backup software is, the media that hold the image backup should be the main concern
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
You will fins that a google of corrupt acronis tibs will lead you to countless problems.. they invariably relate to backups made to USB drives.

The backup completes OK, often validates, but fails on restore.

The'typical' solution is to copy the tib to an internal drive, which often solves te problem, but not always and is hardly convenient.

Acronis True Image 2019 just released!

Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention it. It tooks hours to complete restore if the media is from usb flash drive. Sometimes it just failed. That's why i save the image on harddrive, either IDE or SATA.

If not possible, i copy the image from image on the flash drive to internal drive just as you said. And it always work :)
Thomas RushCommented:
How robust of a solution do you want?   How much data do you have to back up?

Modern backup applications -- even some of the inexpensive ones like Data Protector Express -- have the ability to create a disaster recovery backup, where you can boot from the tape drive directly.   Depending on the amount of data you have to back up, you can get an older LTO-2 or DAT 72  drive used for not much money, just be sure it's got the original Data Protector Express Single Server Edition CD if it's an HP drive, or another manufacturer's equivalent product if it's non-HP.
My favorite and cheapest bare-metal restore option for a PC is still a Clonezilla Live CDROM and an inexpensive USB drive (even a thumb drive works fine if it's big enough).  Works like a charm on any flavor of windows OS and it's free and open-source.
symantec backup exec and system recovery is best alternate to acronis
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