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I installed this lovely software into a workstation with several nics. All is working fine, but, configuring vpn server I have some doubts.

One nic is connected with external IP and sencond one with lan range ip.

When I connect  with my laptop using a usb modem, connects but I can not ping Lan machines only the ip assingned to astaro machine.

Lan range is 192.168.157.x and astaro asks for a vpn pool, but some of 192.168.157.x are already in use.

Any idea?

Best regards
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russell124Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What VPN are using from the Astaro?  Is it the SSL vpn?  

When you connect with a client VPN, you should get an address from the VPN pools, which should exist in the Astaro definitions.  You can view what VPN pool you are using by going to Remote Access -> SSL, then the Settings tab (for the SSL VPN), if you are using the PPTP, then go that section etc.  The VPN pool addresses should be something like 10.242.x.x, they should not be the same as your internal LAN.

The Astaro should have a separate VPN pool for each VPN type pre-defined.  Also, make sure that your VPN settings are set to use the "Automatic Packet Filter Rules" on the "Global" tab of the VPN.  This should automatically allow traffic from your VPN pool subnet to your internal LAN.
Are you dialing in through the USB modem?  Are you using a vpn client or PPTP connection created through Windows?  Post the results of a  "route print" from the command line.
heze54Author Commented:
partially+astaro support.

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