WSUS is not properly installed

Error message displayed in the Update pane of SBS console:

"Update Services is not properly installed.  The following or one of its dependencies is missing: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration, Version=3.1.600.1.1, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=316f3856ad364e35."

The original updater that installed with SBS ran fine for several iterations.  Eventually, it was time to install the latest WSUS package.

This error occurred while running the normal update process on a clean install of SBS 2008.

This error occurred when it attempted to install the WSUS SP.   Predictably enough, the installer failed "gracefully" by rolling back the install but NOT rolling back to the uninstall of the prior version.

The attached file is the complete log written at the time of failure.

A solution which does not require reinstalling SBS is certainly worth 500 points to this member!

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BawerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
instead of windows update process try running the software manually... and see if it has the same issue with latest version,,
can you tell me the SP version....
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Backup the below file and reg key:

After that delete them and reboot the server. Try to install.

I hope this helps,
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if you have older SP then go for newer and it will quickly solve the issue
kflorianAuthor Commented:

Can you tell me where to locate the installer?  Thus far I've used only the SBS "wizard/console" interface for running updates.  Since it is now itself unavailable not sure where to obtain it.

"SP version"  Sharepoint?  WSS 3.0.  The WSUS is version 3, I think and it was installing update SP2....But I cannot recall exactly.  The SBS install was from original production disks licensed two years the inarticulate answer is: "Whatever version MS calls the most recent WSUS application."
DonConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Download here:

Your error states you are missing one of the pre-requisites(also listed in the link)

Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008
kflorianAuthor Commented:
I picked the answers that were easiest for me to try and split the points because both parts gave me exactly what I needed.
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