Cisco Configuration Professional 2.1 Hangs on Launch


I just upgraded to CCP 2.1 The installation went OK; however, the application hangs on the splash screen with marching blue dots when launched. I have completely removed and re-installed CCP 2.1 with no change.


Thanks experts.

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Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Java . . . you are on the right track. Simply upgrading java may not do the trick unless you UNINSTALLED the older version of Java. That is, if CCP 2.1 is looking on your path for the JVM it may be finding the old JVM first. Make sure that whatever JVM is on the path on the PC where this worked is the same JVM and path on the non-working PC.

I don't think Cisco and Java get along very well . . . is there a Java-based Cisco product that actually works out of the box?

Good luck,
kboles101Author Commented:
BTW; this is the PC based version of CCP...not Express
kboles101Author Commented:
...did get CCP 2.1 to function on another PC. Upgraded Java on the original; still no improvement.
by chance did anything solve this for you? I have it running just fine on a windows 7 box but not on an older HP/XP box.

Just fix a similar issue with starting CCP as administator (Right-Click / runs-as Administrator)
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