windows 7 installation

Hi -

I am currently installing a copy of windows 7 upgrade on a REFORMATTED hard drive.

I had not realised that the installation requires a current version of XP on the machine so went ahead with the installation.   ( )

My problem:
 I get all the way through but it rejects the product key and locks up. I can't reverse the installation nor go forward.

 TRying to boot from XP disk doesn't work. I also tried booting from 'ultimate boot CD', but I just get back into the windows 7 partial installation.

How can I uninstall the win 7 at this stage?
Reformat the drive?? -- there is a stage in the process where i can access a command prompt which seems to be assigned as  drive x: -- Can i reformat the disk from  there using dos commands?

would it be feasible to try booting from dban  ??  (I DO get the boot from disk option while booting up, but it just goes back to win 7, even with XP or UBD in the drive).  (note that the machine only has a dvd drive - could this be significant?)

I would appreciate guidance and any other suggestions before I have to take the drive out and reformat it on another computer (I just did that as part of the repair on the drive !!)

Kind regards,

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Booting from the XP disk should work. (is the XP CD an upgrade too?) Do you have a BIOS setting which will force a boot from the CD drive?

Do you get a prompt to press the space bar to boot from the CD?

The CD or DVD drive does not matter.
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
boot to ultimate boot cd and format the hard drive.
Then you can install xp
ortholithosAuthor Commented:
booting up does give me an option to boot from CD
booting from xp or from ultimate boot cd but it still goes straight through to the windows boot manager screen with its option to choose an operating system to start (with only windows 7 listed as an option.  )

Hey - while typing this and trying your suggestion I arrived at the prod key screen and pressed next WITHOUT entering any prod key - and windows opened?

what does this mean ? is this a trial screen ? should I now reformat and start again with an xp installation then windows 7??

thanks - I'm now more confused than ever ....

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greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
you need to go into the bios and select cd/dvd to boot befor the hard drive.
or depending on the machine it will ask you to press f9 for boot selection.
Yes you still need to load windows xp befor this will work.
Yes, Windows 7 allows a trial period of 30 days.
Install an "upgrade" of Win 7 on top of itself. Here are instructions (see Method #3):

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If it's a question of not being able to boot from your dvd because your BIOS does not it then you really need to ask yourself whether you should be installing 7 on you pc in the first place.

Let's face it, you should look to install s/w onto your pc that was current at the time the pc was built afterall, you wouldn't expect to run your car on carrots would you? - especially as we've come a long way from commuting on donkey-back.
ortholithosAuthor Commented:
BIOS is set to load from cd rom.  however with UBC or with XP disk in the rive, it still goes straight through to windows 7.

Opening the UBC within the (temporary) windows installation, it actually installs itself into the c drive.  and then tells me I can't use it without administrator privileges. (not sure how to  set that up on the trial win 7).

 From c:  I can't reformat the c: drive. However I have an old  second drive on the machine, left over from a previous build. It's only 8 gigs. Can I uninstall  ubc and reinstall it on the secondary d: drive and format c: from there?

how do I get around the admin privileges problem?

greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
if bios is set to load from cd then this should work
you could try and clear escd in the bios maybe
you should not be able to access this without the admin password.
ubc runs of the cd dont try and install it on a drive.
you could swap the hard drives over but as the bios is not booting to the cd this should not make any difference.
Can you format in another machine again.
install windows xp
then install windows 7
This is for a clean install
Boot with win7 dvd, after language screen, choose repair option, cmd prompt, type in format
and format you installation drive. Go back to main install screen when done and install windows.
Do not enter a product key, restart in win 7 and follow the rest of the process using the link provided
by willcomp above.
Good luck
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
I am not really sure what type of options that you are given during the install of (Upgrade) Win7, on rather or not it is like XP and 2k Upgrades.
You DO NOT have to have a previous version actually installed on the system, the only thing you need to do is have the recent version CD handy, and insert it when asked for.

(As mentioned above, I am not sure if Win7 gives you this option or not)

What I suggest you do is download the Disk Utitlity tools from the Hard Drive manufacture, and do a Clean Format  of your drive. (Choosing the wipe the drive clean)
And then try to reinstall your system again.

Good Luck
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