Optimize Power option Windows 7 in HP ProBook

I have a HP ProBook notebook that came with Business Vista with upgrade to Windows 7 (which has been upgraded)

When the notebook reaches critical battery state, it goes to hibernate (as I configured it).  But I have not been able to make Windows notify me to give me time to plug back the AC cord.

While reviewing the Power Options configuration I came upon sections I don't understand and would like more info from EE regarding them.  These are the Power Options sections questions (also see pics):

- Hybrid battery
- Wake timers
- Procesor Powr Managemenmt
- Reserve battery level

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The hybrid sleeps mode is similar to normal stand-by but it writes the memory to the hard disk as well so that if the battery empties during stand-by you don't lose any data.
Wake timers can be setup to wake the laptop at given times/events etc.
Processor power management clocks the CPU down when overheating/idling.
On the reserve battery level I am not entirely sure but I think that the laptop will shutdown when the battery has only a specified percentage left.

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janaAuthor Commented:
How does the battery empties or when would that happen, under what circumstances?
Stand-by is accomplished by shutting down the whole laptop except the memory which is still powered on, this allows for a quick boot and restoring all of your open windows etc.
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And therefor empties your battery.
janaAuthor Commented:
understood, so I should enable the hybrid option?  (i ask this since on the default setting, Windows 7 does not do this and knowing its purposes, it should be a default)
I would enable it, but do mind that going in to standby will take longer then because the whole memory has to be copied to the hard disk
janaAuthor Commented:
good point.  i checked the memory used in my pc with task manager and is 1.89gb.  Would that mean that at every standby, it will write the entire 1.89gb to disk? Is that correct?
Yes, that is correct, on my 2gb system it will take about 20 sec to write the memory to the hard drive, but you can just close your laptop and leave it and it will shutdown automatically.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
also make sure you have updated all your HP software/drivers to the latest versions for Win 7, including chipset and power management, for all your features and settings to work correctly.

you might also want to check your BIOS, in case there have been corrections to power management there also.
janaAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the info.

Lastly, and the initial reason for this question, is ot possible for the PC to alert me that it will hibernate?  The problem I been having is that it just hibernate and doesn't alert and I have my alert option enabled and no message is displayed, just goes straight to hibernate.  When I place the AC cord and boot up, there' the message (but not always).  Any suggestions?
does it not warn you of the low battery level ?  it should..
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
you should have a warning beep and prompt to go into hibernation or shut-down, depending on what you set your settings to.  Check your existing plan, and all the options - change Paln and then Advanced Settings gives you more granular control.

For my office PC, i have mine set to turn off monitors after 1 hour, with no sleep/hibernate and Maxmium Performance for everything else.  Obviously not recommended for a laptop (my ThinkPad is at home, and I can't remember the settings), but Lenovo did rewrite their power management software recently, and Win 7 works much better, though hibernation mode is still sometimes called 'coma' mode for a reason!).  See what HP have to download, and then re-check your settings like Power Buttons & Lid and Sleep.
janaAuthor Commented:
Here's my Windows 7 Power Management Setup:

On Battery:
Dim display:                      2 min
Turn off Display:                5 min

In Advance / Sleep:
Sleep after:                        10 min
Allow Hybrid Sleep:           Off
Hibernate after:                 1080 min

In Advance / Battery:
Critical battery action:      Hibernate
Low Battery Level:            15%
Critical Battery Lever:      10 %
Low Battery notification:  On
Low Battery Action:          Sleep
Reserve Battery Level:    7%
janaAuthor Commented:
any last comments on this?
it should warn you low battery level, as i posted
Found this on google:

Go to Control Panel-->Power Options. Select performance and set the display to never turn off and hibernate/sleep to disable.
Now perform a full discharge (until pushing the power button does nothing) and then full recharge. If all is good ( you are back to @ 3 hours or so for capacity) go back and set your power options back to power saver or balanced and set your display shutoff again. Don't forget to set hibernate or sleep to your desired setting.


The problem you are having is related to not doing a discharge/charge cycle. The best time to do that is shortly after you buy a laptop and then once in a while. That will extend the serviceable lifetime of the battery.

 Your battery issue happens with all brands of laptops and virtually all devices with rechargeable batteries.

janaAuthor Commented:
I always leave my notebook to the last 10% and sometimes, just leave it 'till ends all charge.

Anyways, I think I solved the problem.  Tweaking here & there I found out that I had Low Battery Action: Hibernate.

On "04/12/10 04:33 AM, ID: 30505664" I already changed it, so it does work and notifies.

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