Need Delphi Component for "Drawing Canvas & Image Dragging"

Hello all,

I'm using C++Builder 2010.
May i know whether the following task possible in c++ builder or not?, by using 3rd party tools if possible.

I'me having advertisement magazine published every week.
We publish text and image advertisement.
We use Adobe InDeisign to design the pages in the magazine.
Now we need to make software to reduce the time in designing.

My magazine page size is 30 x 100 cm.

We are going to make a software that will take details of advertisements from the user and align on the page. And with one click of a button the program gives output in pdf, jpg or any other format.

The program should automatically adjust the ads for page and we should have options to move freely drag and align the ads over the page, just like a drawing surface.

Please suggest any components avaiable

Can you experts pls suggest us.

Anticipating reply.

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Emmanuel PASQUIERConnect With a Mentor Freelance Project ManagerCommented:
you can put TImage components on a panel (with white background to emulate a paper), the panel size is proportional to the page size (say 300x1000 pixels, so each pixel on screen = 1mm in page). The TImage is sized accordingly (not using autosize), you use stretch property to have the image fit the size of the component. You can move around the image with the mouse using onMouseClick & onMouseMove events, eventually add a zone outside the panel where you can edit the TImage size (in mm). When the user is happy, he can click a button where a high resolution BMP will be rendered using StretchDraw on the canvas with calculated position and size (you have to fix the nb of pixel width & height according to the DPI resolution of the result you want to publish).
After that, you can even transform this BMP in whatever image format you want, but BMP will not alter the quality of it, so it's probably better even if it has a bigger file size
UnixersAuthor Commented:
No, i think you didn't get what i mentioned.

I'm looking for a drawing surface, where i can drag images on to it and having programmatically align them on the drawing surface.

Emmanuel PASQUIERFreelance Project ManagerCommented:
I understood perfectly what you wanted, and the solution I provided is the best and easiest way to achieve it.
how can you drag images on a canvas if they have not different windows handle ? you wish to capture all mouse events for you single surface and compare mouse coordinates with the positions of your drawn images ? what's the point ? Why not use panel & TImage components ?
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