Scan Where A Security Group Is Applied


We are currently using NetApp storage servers with CIFS where it is used as a file area. Most of these areas are controlled via Active Directory security groups.

I appreciate if someone can assist via Windows or NetApp Ontap to scan on which areas a specific security group is applied on.

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mohd2netAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot for guiding me to the right tool, it never struck on my mind to check sysinternals for the tool. Appreciate if i can get an advise on the following.

We are currently having huge number of security groups and which are assigned on too many different location. Most of these groups are obsolete and which needs to be deleted. I havent yet been able to find out the best way to tackle this issue, as a single group maybe used on many different location and performing a manual check may take ages as we are talking about more than 300 security groups.
Yeah security groups were always an issue for me as well when I actually had a job. A book could probably be written on how to manage them.

Develop a plan, write the plan, approve the plan and stick to it; that is the only advice I can provide on the subject without getting into great detail.

Enforce standardized naming and nesting
Site Group
Department Groups
Team Groups
Interdepartmental Groups
Intersite Groups

Site Folders
Department Folders
Team Folders
Interdepartmental Folders
Intersite Folders

Schedule yearly reviews with department heads to keep security groups cleaned up

Good luck
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mohd2netAuthor Commented:
:) thanks a lot, but i still cant get an easy or even a difficult way on how can i start cleaning up the unwanted groups
There really isn't any "easy" way as far as I know. Here are some resources for you to consider. I cannot personally recommend any of them because I have not used them:

User Manager Resource Administrator

Group Manager:;leftCol

mohd2netAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, really appreciate your support. I will go through the links and try them out.
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