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We are running McAfee Virus Scan 8.7 with EPO 4.5

We have some Windows 2003 Servers running an application named HR1. We've noticed that the application runs really slowly, however if we remove McAfee then the application runs as it apparently should.

I guess there maybe an issue with exclusions etc. How would be a good way to troubleshoot this? Do the exclusions only come into play during the on-access scan? If so, if I was to disable the on-access scanner temporarily and the app worked fine, would this indicate an exclusion problem?
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When you turned off on-access scanning and the app worked fine, indicates that if would be an exclusion issue.  I would start by excluding files/folders for app and see if it resolves issue.
I would seriously just get rid of mcafee. I spend a good part of my week removing it from customer machines so that they can run optimally. Try something a little more light weight like Avira. They have versions for networks
Would probably represent an exclusion issue?  Are you presently excluding the folder/files for the program HR1?
kam_ukAuthor Commented:

We aren't excluding any folders/files for HR1, but how would I know that it was an exclusion issue that was causing this?
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