SQL 2008 Express and Access project problem

Microsoft SQL Server Database Wizard in Access and after clicking on next to create the database I get this message:

"The new database wizard does not work with the version of Microsoft SQL Server to which you Access project is connected. See the Microsoft Update Web site for the latest information an downloads"
Tried this here but it does not work http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/...d.php?t=182076
I can't find any solution to the problem so far. Any ideas why and how to solve this problem?

Also when connecting Access to a SQL database what is better ADP or going trough an ODBC connector? I'm new at working with SQL and seem to like ADP because I can create my tables within Access instead of creating tables outside of Access and then linking them through the ODBC connector. Need some feedback here...
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look here in the Microsoft Access blog:


As an ADP works directly with the SQL Server it is (in my opinion) in general better to use an ADP. But for the same reason the versions of both programs must be compatible with each other. As you can see in the above blog the Microsoft team don't recommend to work with ADP and 2008 - but they also say that it is possible, you only cannot create or modify objects with Access.

But in general it is always better to create the SQL Server objects with SQL Server Management Studio than with Access (even if you would use SQL Server 2005) because it has all the necessary features, very much better than Access. If you have worked with it for a while you would never try to do this in Access.
Away from that you can of course use an ACCDB instead and work with ODBC, but in this case you must delete and recreate the table links on ANY change on the table/view objects in SQL Server and you have always the Access JET engine in between the communication of SQL Server and Access. I'm working with a database of someone else since two years and decided to change it to ADP last year. ADPs have their own problems but in my eyes the advantages are greater than the disadvantages.

So in 2008 you CAN use ADP, but with the risk of getting in trouble sometimes and you MUST create all objects in SQL Server Management Studio. So here maybe an ACCDB is the better choice - or you must wait for a new version of service packs or use Access 2010 which should be able to work with 2008 (I'm not sure, I didn't use 2010 until now).



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GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your answer...I may start then with ACCDB and ODBC

The blog does say that "Access 2007 ADP’s will run against SQL Server 2008"

Why am I getting this message then?

"The new database wizard does not work with the version of Microsoft SQL Server to which you Access project is connected. See the Microsoft Update Web site for the latest information an downloads"

GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
I should have said that I'm using SQL 2008 Express.


if you are talking about the upsizing wizard I would assume it has the same reason. But 2008 and 2005 have no problem to run on the same computer, so why not install a 2005, use the upsizing wizard and then transfer the SQL Server objects using SQL Server Management Studio to 2008?
In the end you only need to relink the tables and so on to 2008 in Access.


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