2003 Terminal Server - License Server has internal error

I have a Windows 2003 Server running terminal Server.  I only have 1 thin client currently running which has been running fine for the past 4 months.  Now the 1 thin client is not checking in, Server says unable to start internal server / internal error.  I am thinking this is a License issue, However I hate to pay $400 - $600 for a 5 user pack for this 1 thin client.  Is there any way around this, or am I stuck paying Microsoft more money?  

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deibelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok, this was the expensive way.

you can do RDP to a desktop pc as well, but only one at a time......ok there is a little trick with changing some DLL....

for just one user, i would have used a xp-pc, if hardware is the problem, do it in a virtual environment
i dont know exactly, but i think the server ships with 2 licenses. or was it unlimited 2k licenses? dont remember
see in event log
you can have a look at administration->terminelserverlicensing

why dont u use an XP-Box for just 1 client???
Alex AppletonBusiness Technology AnalystCommented:
If you installed the terminal server role you would have 120 days from then to activate and use a TS license server.  Sounds to me that you have exceeded this trial period.

You get 2 licenses for remote administration only and one you activate the terminal server role it takes the server out of this licensing model.  
IngramEntitiesAuthor Commented:
I sucked it up and paid $500 to microsoft for a 5 user license pack. Just hoped there was other options.
IngramEntitiesAuthor Commented:
Hoping for something better than RDP with one user at a time, but I do understand..
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