Change First Loading UIView

Hi all,

I have a project with contains a Tab Bar with 4 UIView's.

I also have a Main UIView, which is not part the the tabBar.

I need the main UIView (not in the tabBar) the load as the first UIView which the app loads.

How can I change it to do this please?


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pgnatyukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As you wish. You can put all views in one xib-file. So all of them will be created on start. You can make even separate xib-files and load them lazily when you switch your views.

Here is also a bit different approach -UIViewScroll,(but looks nice and may take it):

You can use UINavigationController.

Probably, I do not fully understand the question.

Check this tutorial:

Here is the view is created manually - you will make the code creating the main view. So, you can apply the same (find the same) in your code and modify it. (Do not forget to make a backup before).

You have applicationDidFinishLaunching in the TabBat Controller - you will see the view there.
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
It's a bit different what I need.
I need the first window which appears after loading to be separate. Another window? Can I just can a particular view?

hope you can help

ST3VOAuthor Commented:
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