Added a flash button and scroll box that do not work properly


I have 2 problems with this flash file.

1) This is a flash template that was bought. I added an extra menu button at the top - The F.A.Q.s button.
When you first open this file you will see if you click on F.A.Q.s first the page comes up. If you then click on any of the other buttons those pages will come up, but if you try to click F.A.Q.s again that button is not clickable anymore and the page does not come up.

2) Click on the Recommendations button.
When you scroll down you will see that half of the text does not show.
Recommendations starts on frame 235
The movieclip is 'page3'

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

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hi for the first part, when either of the buttons are clicked the other buttons are disabled.
if you look through the main timeline such as frame 19 , frame 189 etc there's code there that renables all the buttons. you need to add your button to that.

can't see what's up with your scroller. will have a look again later if someone else doesn't see it first.
mrlanceAuthor Commented:
Thanks blue-genie!
I think I'll break up the scroll text to where you have to click next or something like that.

Thanks again!
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