How to easily post screenshots online for others to see

I use screenshots a lot to show my friends and family how to set up a program or where a menu item is, or to show my programmers an example of an error or a good design.  

Right now, I can easily take a screenshot and paste one or more screenshots into an email and send it to someone.   What I want to be able to do is to paste that screenshot into a program and to have that screenshot be posted online where it is publicy visible (without having to save the image onto my harddrive).    I can do this now, if I save the screenshot first and then upload that file, but this becomes tedious when I want to send a series of screenshots.  

Can anyone tell me how I can easily paste a screenshot into a program and to have it viewable online?   Maybe a program that can accept and post an incoming email??

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Flickr has the ability to accept incoming photos via e-mail or camera phone, and you can set sharing permissions for family or friends, etc.

That'd be one option to consider.

Picasa Web Albums is also a free option... that allows uploading photos via e-mail.

Does that help?

What do you currently use as your email client?
Perhaps there might be some method to automate screenshot to email.
Shawn-in-VAAuthor Commented:
subscript - thanks for the suggestions.   I looked at Picasa, but it seems that it allows images to be uploaded via attachment.  Do you know if Flickr or PIcasa allows images to be uploaded that are "inline" in the email?   When I paste the screenshot, it is inline and not attached.    If I were to save the screenshot as a jpg, I can upload that file easily, but i want to be able to do this:

1. print screen to save screen shot
2. paste the screenshot somewhere that I can post it directly to the web without having to save the screenshot as a jpg.

Please let me know what you suggest.

BillDL - I use thunderbird as my email client.  What I want to do is to paste a screenshot somewhere that gets posted to the web.   Thunderbird easily accepts screenshots to be pasted and sent in an email, but how do i get an image in the body of an email to get posted somewhere that is visible on the web?

Thanks for your help guys!

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Not many streamlined apps like that out there, that I'm aware of.

Have not tried it myself but you might look into this one-- which is also available as a Firefox add-on:


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Shawn-in-VAAuthor Commented:
Subscript.  You Rock!   Thanks for the tip.   Wow, is that program easy.   It worked like a charm.  

Here is a screeenshot that took me less than 5 seconds to post to the web and grab a url for it:

Open source is such beauty!    
Shawn-in-VAAuthor Commented:
Great answer.   Subscript showed me an awsome program that was free and did exactly what I wanted.   Took me less than 10 minutes to set it up too!  :-)
Wow, that is a really clever add-in.  Great find subscript.  I was looking at rather more clunky ways of emailing to a blog format.
Shawn-in-VAAuthor Commented:
I am previewing Google Wave and I just asked them to integrate a "paste screenshot" into their functionality.  If anyone else is previewing Wave and likes that idea, send them an email and lets rally for that functionality.    

I am impressed with how few seconds it takes me to now print screen, paste screenshot and grab a short url for it.   Thanks again Subscript!
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