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I've created a splash page for a site in and I want to change the config so that the directory index page goes directly to the splash page.  In other words I want when someone enters "", I want it to go to "", then after the opening video plays I am using a meta refresh to redirect to the real "Default.aspx".  Is this possible?
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Instead, would it work to have the directory index page become the Splash page... and then you can make a default or home page available at:  or /home.aspx ?

Just a thought.

One potential trouble spot with making your default page go directly to the splash page... is that what happens when someone wants to go 'home' after visiting other areas of the site. (?)
Do they have to watch the splash page again every time... or are you going to set a cookie that identifies them as someone who has already seen the splash page -- so then they skip to the home page content or ?

Something to consider, if you haven't already.

Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You're either going to have to name your page as whatever the current default page is, or change the IIS configuration for your VDir to include Splash.aspx as a default.
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