TS fonts print incorrect from a Windows Server 2008 session

Hi Experts,
I have an issue with a customer where certain emails they try to print comes out looking like hyroglyphics (jumbled). Its a 2008 Server with XP & Vista Client machines.
They have multiple sites - all with the same model brother printer which uses the Easyprint Driver introduced with Server 2008. Their outlook is hosted from the same server (No work is conducted on the local machine).
The server obviously has .NET 3.5 and clients have RDP 6.1 so as the local printing can function for them all.
 Is it the fonts? Is it the .NET?

Has anyone come across this issue? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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Alex AppletonBusiness Technology AnalystCommented:
Leave 3.5.1 on the server.  Grab the KB  # and call your Microsoft support number to request the hotfix, they will send you an email with a link to the download.  It sounds like an overwhelming task but for me it wasn't too bad.  The patch is meant to install client side and not for the server.  Don't change anything on your server, just apply the hotfix to your client PC's and you should be good to go.
Hi Key2IT,

I can think of two possible reasons off the bat:

1. Either your print driver isn't installed correctly
2. or you have a font mismatch

Try to re-install the drivers, delete and re-add the printers and use new drivers.
Also, you can try to add the printer via IP port connection / settings.

Please let me know if this helps.
Key2ITAuthor Commented:
The driver used is the easyprint driver builtin to server 08.
What do you mean 'font mismatch'. How could I check this

Thanks again
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Alex AppletonBusiness Technology AnalystCommented:
This is a known issue and there is a hotfix from Microsoft to resolve it, although you have to submit a request for it.  Ran into the same issue myself and the hotfix resolved it.


Comes up alot, should be an auto update imo.
Key2ITAuthor Commented:
Hi AAppleton,

So I have to remove NET 3.5.1 and apply 3.0 to the Server, then apply the hotfix?
Whats the easiest way of performing this ? Do I remove .NET 3.5 from the Features role and then download 3.0 from MS and apply the patch..
Does anything else rely on 3.5 being there on Server 08 -64
Sorry If I sound Noobish, this guy doesnt have any UAT boxes to perform testing and its all production..I just wanna make sure I get it right
Thanks again
Key2ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks AAppleton,

I have placed the file within access for these users. Once they apply the patch. i will let you know the outcome.
Thanks for your assistance
Key2ITAuthor Commented:
Im havent heard back from the users but Im taking " no news as good news"... Thanks AAppleton
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