Linksys WRT54GL and server 2008 Configuration


We have a Server 2008 setup using ICS with two NIC's. The first card connects straight to the modem. The server can assign DHCP to our workstations via a switch using the second card. The Internet also works on the workstations as well as the server.

We would like to connect a wireless router to the hub so we can have wireless workstations connect via the server to the internet.

How do we intergrate this to the server via the hub?
How do we get the DHCP on the server to assign DHCP from the wireless workstations through the router?

We have turned off DHCP on the wireless router but are unable to get it to flow through.

The wireless router is a Linksys WRT54GL.

Thank you

Ben Waters
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As far as I know, just disable all dhcp/relay option you've (server and relay).  You're not going to use the "WAN or Internet" port so you don't need to set anything on the router configuration.  Just a put a static IP on the LAN setting of WRT54GL, with the same subnet as your Internal network.  Then configure the wireless access settings on your WRT54GL, it will use Windows Server's DHCP as its server for the wireless clients.
First off you should use an acess point, for the best results.

But if you turn off dhcp in the wireless router, then just plug the switch into any of the 4 ports on the wifi router, and you should be good, DO NOT try to plug your network into the wan port on the router
ben_watersAuthor Commented:
Can that wireless router be turned into an access point?

I tried to turn off the DHCP but got the opion as DHCP forwarder. I entered the address of teh DHCP Server in an attempt to get it to connect.

In the routing section, what setting should the router be? there is a few to choose from.

ben_watersAuthor Commented:
How do you turn the Relay section off on the WRT54GL? I can choose either between DHCP or relay. I have tried a range of settings but it still will not budge. I am persistant. I will get this to work.
ben_watersAuthor Commented:
Great, I have the device working now, giving out DHCP addresses from the server. Only one issue left, how come it will not give a gateway to the client computers? This stops the internet from working. If I type the addresses manual via static IP, i can go through the device and out to the internet. The DHCP is giving out addresses i defined in the scope but is having problems giving out the gateway's address.

I am sure it is simple, the thing works otherwise.

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