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I have a report from access where it prints badges with Name & COmpany.  The pre-printed badge sheets have 4 badges per A4sized page.  

The Problem is the badge sheets are double sided and we need the name & company appearing on both sides. After printing the 1st side, the 1st record does not match the position when turned the other way.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

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There is nothing in Acess that is going to help you with this (or in any other product I have ever come across).
I think your only option is to produce two versions of your report with the records in different sequences which will lead to the output you require.  
However, I don't underestimate the difficulty in doing that as you will have to exercise much more detailed control over the recordsource for each report.
I think i would probably approach it by adding to each record a page number and then 2 position numbers where the positions will lead to the matching of both sides of the output.  
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